Other Business

Our long extensive knowledge of engineers manage to analyse complex assignments that require integrated solutions. Our advanced computing facilities and latest software used for the engineering analytical works that meet burgeoning international demand allow our highly skilled and experienced engineers to evaluate a full range of options and to deliver the most practical engineering solutions and cost-effective that help provide solutions and maximize the benefits of all parties.


Development is one of our major business that have contribute to many institutions and community as we provide a better place to accommodate Families and students. We prioritize the security and harmony of the residential places.


With a top quality equipment and facilities, we manufactures good quality gloves for medical uses and industrial. With the rise economy of healthcare industries, the demand continues to rise and glove have become one of the best selling PPE product to protect citizens from infections and disease.


We manage medical institutions project and build up its structure with a complete details and the high-tech equipment to assist patients in high risk area. As an experts in healthcare industries, we take hospitals as a vital place to care and keep safe for medical workers to occupy and fascilitate the utilities to the fullest.


As contractor of class G7 certified by CIDB, we have participated in several construction project such as high rise building to commercial residences unit . Over the past years we have deliver a quality finishing and a high sense of price value that follows the client needs. An expertise of cost control management, we can give an acceptable price to each of the material used in the industry especially the common material.


Pioneer in architecture industry in Malaysia development we are one of the best architects chosen to participate in designing educational building, hospitals and also government building. Complete with higher technology of 3D visualization we provides the best service at every stages of presentation. From the proposal phases until the engagement and construction phases of the project.